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Legend has it, centuries, ago, after a long day of hunting, Genghis Khan and his Mongolian Warriors would make camp build a roaring bonfire and create extravagant feasts before retiring for the night.... Using their swords, the warriors would slice meat into thin strips. These succulent morsels would then be combined with whatever vegetables, incense, spices and sauces were at hand and grilled upon the warriors upturned shields the round. Iron shields were thrown down over the hot ambers of the bonfire. Creating a perfect cooking surface, the largest, most extravagant shields would be used to create a special meal for mighty Khan and his fiercest warriors. At Kublai Mongolian Grill we revived this ancient tradition by offering one of the world's most original dining experiences; The Mongolian grill, the centerpiece of the Mongolian Grill, reaching temperatures of over 650 the grill can cook over 30 meals simuiltaneously.
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